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  • Zou Zou’s & Chez Zou

    Zou Zou’s & Chez Zou

    New york, ny

    An elegant and alluring celebration of Eastern Mediterranean cuisine.


    To create a fresh, light, engaging brand personality that brings a beautiful AvroKO-designed space to life



    • Visual Identity
    • Collateral Design
    • Signage & Wayfinding


    Hospitality Design Awards

    • Finalist, Visual Identity

    Interior Design best of year

    • Marketing & Branding Collateral Finalist


    AvroKO, Interior Design

    The Approach

    Big flavors, a big open kitchen, and a big open bar: Zou Zou’s called for vitality, vim, and vigor. Our sister studio AvroKO’s modern take on Levantine design—handmade geometric fixtures, vibrant enamel tables, and arched sconces—inspired us.

    The Expression

    The personable nature of the Zou Zou’s name led us to an evocative, accessible style that’s characterized by dynamic shapes, expressive type, and pops of statement color which, when combined, celebrates movement.

    The Space

    Dynamic geometric shapes that recall lightning bolts, flowers, crescents, and wedges have a visceral, handmade quality to them, calling to mind paper cut-outs. They’re rendered in bright colors—interlocking and overlapping in ways that create action and intrigue without chaos.