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Our obsession is brand. Our versatile and tight-knit team seamlessly integrates strategy, copy, design, environment, and activation. We create work that feels like a cohesive whole because our team is a cohesive whole. Each of our designers and strategists is on the lookout for the unique, the unexpected, and the undeniable.

Our Founders

Founded in 2001 by four Partners, Kristina O’Neal, Adam Farmerie, William Harris, and Greg Bradshaw in NYC, AvroKO has grown its influence globally and established the firm as an award-winning hospitality industry leader and innovator.


Melinda Welch


Seeking to combine her three primary passions—strategy, design, and hospitality—Melinda was magnetically drawn to BB. She excels at helping brands and hospitality initiatives leverage strategic thinking and design to communicate their vision and to create exceptional experiences. As Head of Strategy, Melinda utilizes her wide-ranging skill set to lead brand and experience strategy projects, ensuring resulting strategic platforms are expressed across all subsequent phases of design.

Travis Schnupp


Specializing in visual identity and graphic design, Travis has been with BB since day one. He oversees and leads the graphics process from concept development through final execution. Based in New York, Travis has spent more than 18 years focusing within the hospitality industry, conceptualizing brand narratives and identities for esteemed restaurateurs, luxury hotel brands, and global brands.

Victoria Arnold

Director of Strategy, Bangkok

Victoria, a seasoned professional in the hospitality industry, is driven by a genuine passion for her craft. To her, hospitality transcends mere transactions; it serves as a gateway to new discoveries, diverse communities, and lasting friendships. This core value underpins her commitment to shaping brands that thrive and crafting experiences that resonate deeply. Victoria’s method seamlessly integrates insightful research, compelling creative expression, and the guiding principles of Brand Bureau’s Hospitable Thinking™ philosophy.

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