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  • Whiskey Nova

    Whiskey Nova at the Centara Grand Hotel

    OSAka, Japan

    Taking the Japanese dining experience to the next level with a “work smart, indulge more” attitude.


    To shake up the Osaka hotel dining scene with an experience that attracts a diverse group of people.


    BRAND Strategy

    • F&B Concept
    • Naming
    • Brand Guidelines


    • Visual Identity
    • Collateral Design
    • Uniform Design


    AvroKO Bangkok, Interior Design

    The Approach

    A venue made for those seeking an elevated yet nostalgic experience, Whiskey Nova is a fresh take on after-work gatherings and social dining.

    The Expression

    A dynamic fusion of Japanese culture, offering a creative spin on classic libations with a nod to the iconic Japanese highball.

    The System

    Bold patterns, dynamic lines, and a monochromatic palette bring the manga aesthetic to life, adding playful energy to the interior.