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Brand Bureau

  • Twelvemonth


    Burlingame, ca

    A connected dining experience rooted in integrity and respect for local, plant-based ingredients.


    To create a multi-mood, multi-space, multi-purpose dining destination in California’s South Bay that’s united by a single-minded focus on excellent food, drinks, and baked goods—which just so happen to be vegan



    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Trendscaping
    • Audience Studies
    • Creative Workshops

    BRAND Strategy

    • Positioning
    • Brand Definition
    • Naming
    • Messaging Guidelines
    • Brand Guidelines


    • Visual Identity
    • Collateral Design
    • Digital Art Direction
    • Production Management


    AvroKO, Interior Design

    The Approach

    Approachable and sophisticated. Sustainable and sensuous. Seasonal and steadfast. The Twelvemonth brand celebrates California’s tastes and terroir in pragmatic and elegant ways that mirror
    a commitment to craft and community.

    The Expression

    The brand’s hero device—clock meets compass—unites locational specificity and a micro-seasonal outlook. “From the Source” and “Made in Burlingame” messaging highlights an on-site garden and the local bounty.

    The Space

    The visual identity of the brand invites contrast and perspective in storytelling. Intimate, hand-drawn flowers, herbs, and phases of the moon coexist with industrial-inspired, stamp-like graphics and softer elements like plaid textiles.