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Brand Bureau

  • Superfly

    Superfly, The Opposite House

    BEIJING, China

    Generational fusion.

    Where old world charm meets fresh vibes.


    To reimagine the everyday Chinese eatery by layering in unexpected moments of tradition.



    • Positioning
    • Brand Definition
    • Naming
    • Brand Guidelines

    BRAND design

    • Visual Identity
    • Collateral Design
    • Digital Design


    AvroKO Bangkok, Interior Design

    Ren Shen Tun, Photography

    The Approach

    This retro-futuristic venue blends Beijing’s hip energy with an unapologetically bold attitude.

    The Expression

    Drawing inspiration from Chinese street life, our vibrant palette echoes graphic novels and pop culture, adding touches of joy and delight to the interior design.

    The System

    Emanating a neo-pop ambiance that embraces traditional Chinese typologies, the saturated color palette captivates alongside daring and bold lines that demand attention.