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Brand Bureau

  • Rise



    A nationwide cannabis dispensary for the many.


    To offer guests—seasoned cannabis users and newcomers alike—an evolving, educational retail experience with personality and a human touch



    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Trendscaping
    • Audience Studies
    • Creative Workshops
    • Pre-Design Exploration

    BRAND Design

    • Environmental Graphics
    • Signage & Wayfinding


    • Signature Touchpoints
    • Guest Experience
    • Customer Journeys
    • Feasibility Studies

    Environment design

    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Intent
    • Styling
    • Prototyping
    The Approach

    RISE leans into both weed culture and mass culture. Our experiential touchpoints create intuitive, familiar connections to products, avoiding both niche aesthetics and medical sterility. An emphasis on freedom harmonizes with the brand: prioritizing choice, wellbeing, and self-expression.

    The Expression

    RISE embraces Americana with a uniquely contemporary, quality-minded flair. Aesthetic inspiration derives from American quilting construction, rolling papers, matches, denim, and traditional craft. Finishes are clean and flat—befitting a scalable retail environment—while still remaining tactile and memorable.

    The Space

    Flexible perimeter features celebrate local strains. Patchwork red, white, and blue elements accompany realistic lifestyle and editorialized plant imagery. Artful displays create a real connection to product, while bold architectural elements create internal cohesion.