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  • Little Goat Diner

    Little Goat Diner

    chicago, il

    A neon-bright take on the classic American diner.


    To devise a flexible, “funky badass” neighborhood café-meets-diner space for Chef Stephanie Izard


    Environment Design

    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Intent
    • Construction Oversight


    Gold Key Awards

    • Restaurant Casual, Finalist


    Boka Restaurant Group, Photography

    The Approach

    After identifying elements that make the diner typology so iconic, we looked for opportunities to render it extraordinary and electric using color and materiality. We combined these elements with a bistro aesthetic and the existing Goat brand.

    The Expression

    Little Goat Diner embodies the visual vocabulary of a classic American diner, the configurability of an event space, and the joy and comfort of a beloved neighborhood bistro. It’s retro and nostalgic while feeling fresh and bright.

    The Space

    Seeking something colorful, lighthearted, and welcoming, we activated the interiors with pops
    of berry, peach, and sage (in the furnishings), gracious swaths of citrus yellow tones (in classic linoleum floor tiles), and pink neon flares on the signature clock.