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  • John Masters Organics

    John Masters Organics


    Repositioning a beauty legend with a refreshing, community-minded retail space.


    To look at a trailblazing, all-natural, sustainably minded brand with fresh eyes—and reclaim what makes it special



    • Competitive Analysis
    • Market Research
    • Trendscaping
    • Audience Studies
    • Brand & Design Audits
    • Creative Workshops
    • Pre-Design Exploration

    Brand Strategy

    • Positioning
    • Brand Definition
    • Messaging Guidelines
    • Brand Guidelines

    Brand DESIGN

    • Visual Identity
    • Collateral Design
    • Digital Art Direction
    • Signage & Wayfinding
    • Photography Creative Direction

    Environment Design

    • Concept Design
    • Prototyping
    • Design Guidelines
    The Approach

    Starting in 1994, John Masters Organics committed to premium, organic, cruelty-free products before those were household descriptors. We wanted to go back to the brand’s SoHo roots, harnessing urban wellness in an immersive, narrative-driven retail experience.

    The Expression

    The brand and the space invite guests to discover what makes them feel naturally beautiful inside and out. Through color, form, material, and an ingredient-driven story, guests can linger—and leave feeling reinvigorated, re-centered, and ready for the world.

    The Space

    Our retail design foregrounds a communal testing table, wellness concierge and tea service desk, and DIY mixing station. Guests then enter the salon—the heart of the space—before moving on to a stunning garden with festive lighting, sculptural seating, and a communal gathering table.