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  • Casa Barilla

    Casa Barilla

    NEw York, NY

    A brand-new brand home for a beloved pantry staple.


    To translate the world-famous pasta purveyor’s brand into an elevated, scalable fast-casual restaurant experience



    • Market Research
    • Brand & Design Audits
    • Strategic Planning
    • Creative Workshops


    • Positioning
    • Messaging Guidelines


    • Visual Identity
    • Collateral Design

    Environment design

    • Concept Design
    • Prototyping
    The Approach

    We strove to design a space that would be as fresh and warm as authentic Italian cooking. Tactile, sense-driven, and memorable, this would be an ode to the Mediterranean lifestyle—with great food, great friends, and good health.

    The Expression

    Instead of leaning into red-sauce stereotypes, we pulled inspiration from contemporary Italian kitchens, chic streetside cafés, and the rhythms and forms of pasta itself. This inviting blend promises guests a nourishing mix of comfort and craft.

    The Space

    Honey-toned wood echoes the color of dried pasta. Green and blue tilework calls to mind herbs and the instantly recognizable Barilla packaging. Sculptural light fixtures express Italian design sensibilities. All while communal tables bring guests together.