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Brand Bureau

  • Bud’s Goods & Provisions

    Bud’s Goods & Provisions

    watertown, ma

    Putting a familiar face on a New England cannabis dispensary.


    To de-stigmatize and engage the local community with environmental design that feels residential, approachable, and authentic to place


    Environment design

    • Concept Design
    • Schematic Design
    • Design Intent
    • Construction Oversight
    The Approach

    Our work takes cues from Coastal New England craft to create an approachable aesthetic. We combined modern finishes with Bud’s existing brand colors for an enjoyable experience.

    The Expression

    Led by Bud’s brand colors, saturated hues of red, white, and blue, we sought out furniture-inspired white oak millwork, charcoal soapstone, and mosaic motifs. Metal lighting fixtures provide a bit of an industrial edge.

    The Space

    Entering from the Porch, guests move to the Pantry for seasonal consumables, the Library for smokables, the Living Room for accessories, and the Great Room for checkout. Rhythmic wood slats, lime paint, and meticulously scaled product displays emphasize craft and shoppability throughout.