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  • Allelo


    St. petersburg, FL

    A Mediterranean restaurant finds its flock and spreads its wings.


    To harmonize Mediterranean, Aegean, and Floridian sensibilities into a singular, sophisticated, seaside energy



    • Competitive Analysis
    • Creative Workshops

    BRAND Strategy

    • Naming


    • Visual Identity
    • Collateral Design
    • Signage & Wayfinding


    AvroKO, Interior Design

    The Approach

    When birds flock together, they’re exhibiting allelomimetic behavior: reinforcing one another’s group behaviors. Allelo brings disparate pieces together in dialogue: two continents’ coastlines, a refined playfulness, and vivid colors in an elegant setting.

    The Expression

    The brand expression includes a hand-drawn shorebird (“Ted”), a stamp-like location mark, and a palette that includes cloud, coral, and ocean blue. Together, this identity draws inspiration from the St. Petersburg surroundings and from an on-site mural by local artist Annette Gloomis.

    The System

    Our playful yet polished graphics complement interior design from our sister studio AvroKO. Colorful patterns are interspersed with dynamic and highly flexible typography and imagery of flora and fauna, conjuring both the Gulf and the Mediterranean.